Elian Gallardo: 30 years discovering talents



In the Brazilian fashion market, Elian Gallardo stands out not only as a talent agent but as a true agent of change. Through Elian Gallardo Model, he has been redefining the standards of beauty and success in the industry for over 30 years. With an innovative vision, Gallardo and his agency have broken through the traditional barriers, investing in “non-standard” fashion models and, as a result, building an empire that extends across the national and international landscape.

Since launching new faces who now shine on the runways, in advertising campaigns for Armani, Givenchy and Fendi, among others, and on television, Gallardo has been a catalyst for successful careers. His agency, renowned for catapulting ordinary people to stardom, has played a pivotal role in shaping a new narrative in fashion where “real stories” surpass “perfect measurements.”

Gallardo hasn’t just launched careers; he’s also launched trends. His contribution to fashion is widely recognized as unprecedented, particularly for his tireless advocacy for inclusion. Elian Gallardo Model has become synonymous with quality and glamour, and its models, totaling 150 today, were carefully selected from over 30,000 applicants, each bringing a unique story to the global stage.

The agency offers a full range of services, including image consulting, creative direction, and events, always with an innovative approach and a keen eye for each individual’s potential.

A Conversation with Elian Gallardo

At the end of a busy day, I had the opportunity to sit down with Elian Gallardo for a more intimate conversation about his career and vision.

How did your career begin, and where are you now with your current projects?

“My journey began with the desire to expand the horizons of fashion, which was dominated by unattainable standards. Now, I’m involved in projects that embrace diversity in all its forms. We’re constantly seeking new talents and creating campaigns that reflect the true tapestry of humanity.”

Why is diversity so important to you?

“Because fashion should be a reflection of society, and society is rich in diversity. Each person has a unique story, and I want these stories to be heard and valued.”

And what about your personal style?

“I believe in a balance between classic and contemporary. A good pair of sunglasses always complements my look, offering functionality and a touch of mystery.”

How do you start your day, and where do you find inspiration? “My day begins with a mindfulness routine that prepares me to face daily challenges. Inspiration comes from everyday interactions, the arts, culture, and the stories of the people around me.”

Colunista: @adrijansenoficial

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